Layered Goals for Preventative Maintenance

At MaintenX, our main goal for clients is simple: we want to help you create a safer and more efficient commercial space. We do that through both preventative and emergency maintenance services and by providing exceptional customer service every time. When our clients trust us, we can get the job done faster and more efficiently, learning our clients’ unique needs along the way. However, there is more to preventative facility care than simply getting the job done. 


Maintenance goals and strategies are often layered. Your goal to get your maintenance team on a set HVAC repair schedule is about more than improving the efficiency of the system. It’s about improving the building’s energy efficiency, reducing long-term costs, and educating your staff. As a facility manager it’s important to see the whole picture, so you can put the pieces together and create real change through preventative care. 


Below are some of the most common goals we set for our clients, each with their own set of higher resolution goals that can be effectively carried out by a maintenance team. As you can see, the everyday tasks you may think of as unnecessary are actually the most important actions you take to improve your facility’s performance: 


If your goal is to reduce stress on facility equipment, you need to:


  • Create a schedule for preventative maintenance that improves facility equipment without overservicing
  • Prepare for optimal times to replace equipment (when repair costs exceed equipment value)
  • Train employees on proper equipment handling and basic repair skills 


If your goal is to optimize facility productivity, you must first: 


  • Improve maintenance management processes such as maintenance dispatch and creating simple service request processes for employees
  • Facilitate work-order flow by investing in the proper technology
  • Improve facility maintenance checklists and preventative care schedules over time


If you want to optimize energy efficiency by the end of the year, your maintenance team needs to:


  • Implement clean energy sources when possible
  • Upgrade to energy-efficient equipment over time
  • Reduce usage of high-consuming appliances and equipment


You cannot reach lofty goals such as net-zero energy use without ground-floor action from your maintenance team. By working with MaintenX and communicating your goals, however, we can make it happen. To learn more about the benefits of preventative maintenance strategies, contact your local MaintenX team today. 

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