Maintaining A Property During A Temporary Closure

If you own a rental facility, it can be easy to neglect maintenance procedures when there aren’t current tenants. If no one is using it, why invest in maintaining the facility? While many facility managers take this attitude during temporary storefront closure, maintenance is just as important then as it is when the space is occupied. 

Maintaining a closed store will make it easier to rent out or sell the property at a later date. While it may be tempting to cut maintenance costs, the aesthetic and functional aspects of your facility will deteriorate over time, contributing to property value loss. The best decision is to always maintain your property, regardless of occupancy. 

One of the most important aspects of your property to maintain is the exterior. First impressions matter when you show the property to potential clients. By investing in landscaping and exterior maintenance, your facility will instantly make a better impression than one that is not well maintained. MaintenX specializes in modern landscaping and professional exterior cleaning services to help you “wow” your visitors. 

In addition to regular exterior maintenance, you want to keep the interiors in good condition. Pest infestations and water leaks are some of the most common problems we see in dark closed stores. Extreme weather events can also cause interior damage to unoccupied buildings because they are often an afterthought during extreme weather events. By investing in simple routine maintenance and safety measures for your facility, you can save on renovation costs when you’re ready to rent again.  

Finally, you want to make sure that your facility is safeguarded from theft and vandalism while unattended. It catches most facility managers off guard when their unoccupied facility is burglarized, but it happens quite often in buildings without security systems. By installing an up-to-date security system and cameras at your facility, you’ll be able to better protect your assets as well as future tenants. 

MaintenX offers affordable maintenance services for dark closed stores. We understand your needs and budget concerns, and will develop a solution for routine maintenance that suits them. Contact MaintenX today to learn more!