Maintenance Emergencies That Can Easily Be Prevented

Maintenance problem-solving is mainly concerned with several areas:

  • Maintaining critical systems
  • Fixing the problem quickly
  • Determining what is causing the breakdown to happen so frequently

We’ll discuss common maintenance problems and how you can prevent or minimize them.

Identification is Key

When you don’t understand a maintenance issue, you want to understand it. Facility maintenance is no different. You must first identify everything in your company or organization’s facility or have someone in your department who does. When a maintenance problem occurs, you’ll need to ascertain where and when the problem happened. More significantly, you also need to identify why you do things a certain way while keeping an eye out for new and better approaches at problem-solving.

In addition to recognizing the individual problems, you also have to be aware that problem-solving can be divided into different levels:

  • Reaction or acting on the problem when it occurs
  • Learning to live with the problem by correcting the system
  • Keeping a proactive approach involving changing the conditions that led to the particular problem in the first place

These levels describe approaches that can be used on most facility maintenance problems.

Preventing Maintenance Problems

Your facility maintenance prevention action plan must be comprehensive and cover all areas, such as:

  • Personnel
  • Maintenance practices
  • Hardware
  • Systems

These categories are most valuable when solving cause and effect problems.

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