Maintenance Issues To Expect With A Flat Commercial Roof 

Flat commercial roofing is popular for many reasons. Not only is it aesthetically appealing, but it can reduce costs of installation and provide space for features such as a commercial rooftop HVAC system. This extra space and cost-effectiveness have pushed many commercial contractors to opt for flat roofing over other expensive options. 

While many commercial buildings are made with flat roofs, they pose several challenges in terms of maintenance. Flat roofs are much more prone to pooling, and damage cannot easily be assessed from the ground. Therefore, maintenance issues are more difficult to identify for the facility manager. At MaintenX, we often see commercial roofing that has not received proper care until major issues arise. 

Commercial buildings rely on the roofing to protect the interior from all environmental impacts. In order to better maintain your roofing, look for these common flat roof issues: 

Thermal Cycling

During the summertime, temperatures can vary dramatically between night and day. Flat roofs are directly exposed to the sunlight during the day, but then quickly cool down as the sun goes down. This causes expansion and contraction of roofing material, which can lead to water penetration. When planning maintenance for your roofing, be sure that you either account for this expansion and contraction or install a roofing material that is waterproof and resistant to these changes. 

Accumulation of Debris

It is much easier for leaves, small branches, and other natural debris to accumulate on a flat roof. Not only can this put stress on your roofing, but debris that retains moisture will further encourage pooling. You can avoid this by trimming tall trees on your property and scheduling regular roof cleaning with your local MaintenX team. 

Water Penetration

Flat roofs are much more susceptible to water accumulation and penetration than other types of roofing. This can cause several issues, especially during the summertime. Water penetration tends to lift and peel the roof tiles, leading to blistering at the surface. Water penetration can also lead to mold or fungus growth, or if it damages the flashing, it can cause leaks into the interior of the building. Each of these individual issues can result in expensive repairs if not caught early. 

Flat roofing can be tricky to maintain on your own, but MaintenX makes it easy. Our team of licensed, insured, and experienced contractors will work with you to create a preventative maintenance plan that works for your facility. We help prevent expensive repairs, but are always available for emergency service when needed. Contact us today for more information!

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