Repairing vs. Renovating A Commercial Roof 

Roofing is an integral element of the structural integrity of your commercial building. Without a strong roof, your facility will be prone to a host of maintenance issues from leaks to insulation issues, mold, mildew, and everything in between. Proper maintenance is key to preserving a roof’s strength and longevity, but when is it time to skip the maintenance and go straight for a roofing renovation? 

Replacing your roof too late can lead to unnecessary and costly maintenance. A roof that has reached the end of its service life is more expensive to maintain than budgeting for a renovation. However, you don’t want to replace quality roofing if it can be maintained for several years or decades. When in doubt, follow these steps to make the best decision for your roofing. 

Analyze your spending. 

A quick way to see if you should consider roofing renovation is to analyze your maintenance budget. Have you slowly been increasing your roofing maintenance over the years? And are these expenditures reaching unsustainable levels? If you have a sizable budget for roofing repair, you may want to consider putting that money toward a renovation instead. This can easily save you money in maintenance costs over time. 

Ask about the benefits. 

In some cases, a roofing renovation can provide benefits to your commercial facility that your current roofing does not. For example, could you invest in a new waterproof, solar, or high-end roofing material that could add to your cost-savings over time? Talk to your roofing specialist to see if your current roofing can stand the test of time, or if a modern renovation would be in your best interest. 

Contact MaintenX for an inspection and recommendation. 

Before you make any decision, schedule a roofing inspection with your MaintenX roofing specialist. They can pinpoint current and potential problems with your roofing, and recommend either preventative care or renovation options that fit your budget. During the inspection, you may find issues with the current roofing that will influence your decision. Don’t skip this step before renovating or repairing your roof. 

MaintenX provides roofing repair, installation, waterproofing, and preventative care for facilities in 13 states. We have one of the nation’s largest contractor networks that can serve you with the best of care. For more information, contact your local MaintenX team today!

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