Maintenance Services To Keep Pests Out

Nothing makes a potential customer or tenant’s skin crawl like the sight of pests at your facility. Whether its a roach, rat, termite, or other unsightly critters, these little nuisances can cost you revenue immediately. While pest control services are a necessity, they often cost facilities hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on the severity of the issue and the square footage of the building. 

Pest control is expensive, but you can reduce the number of pest control visits to your facility by following these preventative maintenance tips:

Seal your windows

Improperly sealed windows can not only cause damage to your facility, but offer an easy gateway for pests to enter your facility. Plus, the water that comes into your facility from an unsealed window will attract pests that enter from other areas. This is especially problematic if you own a facility in a humid environment. To prevent water damage and pest invasions, call MaintenX to properly seal your windows. 


Any pest that enters your facility found a home outside of it first. In order to keep them out of the building, you’ll want to start at the front lines with proper landscaping care. Look for ditches in the ground, or other areas where water can collect, as this will attract pests. You should also consider using eco-friendly pesticides or pest-resistant plants in your landscaping to deter critters from making a home near your storefront. 

Look for cracks and other damages to exterior structures

Small cracks and crevices in the walls and ceilings of your building are the easiest places for pests to enter. By identifying small damages throughout your facility and sealing them off, you are much more likely to keep pests out. Your MaintenX team can perform this affordable service during their preventative maintenance checks. 

Don’t lag on regular maintenance

Maintaining a clean facility will make it an unwelcoming place for pests. Not only will regular cleaning and maintenance to remove traces of past critters, but it will remove attractors like water, scrap food, and hiding places that keep pests coming back for more. MaintenX urges all clients to make preventative maintenance a priority, whether they currently have a pest problem or want to avoid one in the future. 

MaintenX can help you implement these simple maintenance solutions to fight pests now and in the future. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation.