When To Schedule Janitorial Services For A 24-Hour Operational Facility

When you’re operating a 24-hour facility like a restaurant, hospital, nursing home facility, or other round-the-clock services, you need to prioritize maintenance over other commercial facilities. Equipment ages faster, and your employees don’t have downtime after closing to catch up on maintenance tasks. You’ve got more on the line, and will likely need a specialized maintenance team to help. 

While maintenance for 24-hour facilities is vital to smooth operations, it is something facility managers dread. Maintenance tasks often equal downtime, which you can’t afford when the doors never close. However, there are several steps you can take to optimize performance on your equipment and reduce downtime. 

Maintenance should be performed at the slowest hours of the day. That could be between midnight and 5am, or between 6am and 2 pm depending on your facility’s services and needs. While emergency maintenance needs cannot be put on hold, a 24-hour facility must prioritize preventative maintenance during slow hours to provide the best service to clients, patients, or tenants. 

You should also work with your maintenance team to reduce unnecessary preventative maintenance services and extend the life and performance of vital equipment. In your preventative maintenance plan, your team should guarantee:

  • The frequency of the tasks performed is appropriate to the traffic
  • The time to perform tasks is sufficient.
  • Thoroughness is not sacrificed for time efficiency when performing maintenance. 
  • State-of-the-art equipment is used to reduce downtime.

Auditing your facility and adjusting your preventative maintenance plan is the best way to achieve these results. There is no better way to improve efficiencies than to invest in maintenance and equipment upgrades. When you choose MaintenX you are guaranteed fast and efficient service at all hours of the day. 

MaintenX provides comprehensive preventative maintenance plans for 24-hour facilities. We also offer 24-hour emergency services to ensure that no matter when an issue occurs, you are covered. We take our clients’ needs seriously. When you call your MaintenX technician, you are guaranteed someone on the phone who will treat you as their number one priority. 

To learn more about our preventative and emergency services, contact us.