Maintenance Services You Need To Schedule Before Showing A Facility To Renters

Are you trying to rent your commercial facility to new tenants? Perhaps you’re in a transitory period, or have just reopened a closed store after months of renovations. Regardless of the type of property or market, there are certain things you need to do in order to be competitive with your property rental. 

Before showing your facility to potential renters, you will want to ensure that everything is in working order. A facility with mechanical or maintenance issues is a hard sell, especially if it is a large building. Before you list your property online, schedule services and inspections for the following areas: 

HVAC checkup 

Your HVAC system must be in pristine condition if you want to rent your facility for a reasonable rate. No business will want to provide less-than-optimal working conditions for its staff. Unfortunately, many HVAC problems aren’t detected before the owner starts showing the property. Schedule a routine checkup with your local MaintenX team to ensure that there are no underlying issues in your HVAC unit.  

Plumbing inspection

Plumbing problems often emerge to the surface only when they become emergencies. It is the responsibility of the facility owner to conduct a plumbing inspection to ensure that there are no leaks, cracks, or breaks in the main lines. If there are problems, they will be yours to fix. Find out early before a straightforward plumbing issue turns into a potentially costly emergency repair. 

Roofing inspection

A roofing inspection will help you prevent leaks and damages from storms while you have tenants at your facility. MaintenX offers affordable roofing inspections and repairs. We can also provide rooftop HVAC inspections at the same time as your roofing inspection for ease and efficiency. 

Pressure washing and painting

A good pressure wash and fresh coat of paint will help you find tenants faster. These inexpensive services create curb appeal, which can help your facility look newer and increase its value. MaintenX offers these general contractor services for facilities of every size. 

If you are ready to open your facility to renters, contact MaintenX today. We can help your facility look and perform good as new before your new tenants arrive. To learn more about our preventative maintenance services, contact your local MaintenX team today.

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