Making Your Property Bicycle-friendly

Making your property more bicycle-friendly is a good way to improve your workplace and the health of your workforce. Buildings that are bike-friendly tend to have a better social environment—which means higher-quality work and improved customer service.

Health Benefits

Making your property more bicycle-friendly can lower healthcare costs. Workers who ride to and from work frequently tend to be in better physical condition.

Getting Started

What are the principal needs of your business or organization? Are there bike-friendly streets leading to your property? Do you have many employees who already have bikes, or would they benefit from a bike-share program? Answering these questions will illuminate the bicycling challenges facing your particular facility.

Bike Storage

Your workers will want to know their bikes are safe and secure while they’re working. Position your bike parking area in a well-lit and accessible place. Also make it as close to the building’s entrance as possible.

Think about setting up an outdoor bike rack and/or have an indoor rack and a ramp for easy bike access and storage.

Showers and Changing Facilities

Some employees will want to have the option of showering when they get to work after a long bike ride. If your staff is small to medium-sized, one shower should be adequate. In buildings with many employees, two showers is recommended.

If you cannot provide changing rooms and showers for your workers, think about getting a corporate membership to a nearby gym or rec center.

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