Ways to Encourage ‘Active Commuting’

The benefits of a healthier staff include better productivity, higher morale, and more profit for businesses. That’s why you should consider active commuting.

What is Active Commuting?

Put simply, active commuting programs encourage workers to bike or walk to work, rather than driving or taking public transportation. These programs can be beneficial to companies and workers alike.

Benefits of Active Commuting

  • Improved physical activity
  • Better physical fitness
  • Enhanced health outcomes
  • Reduction in miles driven
  • Lowered greenhouse emissions

Why Consider Active Commuting?

Only half of American adults report getting enough daily exercise. Active commuting brings physical activity into your workforce’s daily routine. Physical activity also saves companies in their annual medical costs.

Active Commuting Incentives

There are many ways to make employees want to bike or walk to work. You can offer incentives for those who join the program or give prizes to workers who active commute to work the greatest number of days in a given period.

Corporate Culture

Active commuting can become a part of your company’s culture. Active cycling programs are a great addition to other green policies (recycling, charity work, community involvement programs, composting, etc.).

Showers, Locker Rooms, And Drying Facilities

Providing a place to shower and dry off is a great incentive to convince people to bike to work every day. Many facilities already offer showers for their staff. If you don’t already have such facilities, think about installing a shower or two. If this is not feasible, consider enrolling in a corporate program with a local gym or rec center.