Managing Maintenance Calls Across Multiple Facilities

Managing multiple facilities can get overwhelming. Without proper organization, problems can come at you and build up fast. How does a maintenance manager keep up with calls across multiple facilities?

If maintenance is not being performed as it should, it affects the entire business. Unnecessary downtime costs the business money. A maintenance manager needs a system where everything can be logged in one place. In 2019 there is much opportunity to use technology to make management easier and more streamlined. Many maintenance managers are turning to a CMMS to help them keep track of tasks.

A CMMS allows multiple facilities to use the same operating system and stay connected. Everything the maintenance manager needs as far as communication is all in one place. This makes organization a breeze and leaves more time to actually carry out tasks.

Any system can be improved. As a maintenance manager, you should always ask for the input of the maintenance technicians in perfecting lines of communication and systems. They are on the front lines of this system and experience its efficiency firsthand. Over time your maintenance managing can become a very well-oiled machine.