The Differences Between Routine And Emergency Maintenance

Managing facility maintenance is a balancing act. While the upkeep of building machinery and equipment is necessary to maintain peak performance, maintenance labor costs can weigh down your budget. Understanding the difference between routine requirements and emergency maintenance can help you optimize your maintenance operations and budget for the future. 

Routine maintenance includes the regularly scheduled repairs and inspections required for facility machinery, appliances, and equipment. These maintenance tasks can be scheduled throughout the week during normal business hours. Examples of routine maintenance may include: fixing a small faucet leak, replacing refrigerant and air filters in an AC unit, and pressure washing the exterior. 

Working with the maintenance staff to create a regular schedule for these tasks is called preventative maintenance. Scheduling ahead is more cost- and time-efficient than addressing maintenance as it comes, making costs predictable while increasing equipment lifespan and reliability.

However, even if you keep up with your routine maintenance, emergencies will happen. Major leaks (ones causing flooding or water damage), factory equipment failure, or a lack of power, heating, or air conditioning during the work day can all surprise a business. Any maintenance issue that impedes the work environment is considered an emergency. You should have the emergency maintenance number posted in your office, as emergency requests should never be submitted online. 

Always call your MaintenX team if you notice an emergency maintenance situation. If you don’t, you may have to deal with costly repairs later. Or, you may be able to use a quick fix on your own until the regular maintenance team can assist you. In either situation, you are preventing unnecessary costs by making that call ASAP.

By understanding the differences between routine and emergency maintenance, you can make sound, cost-effective decisions for your facility. MaintenX technicians are always available to answer your maintenance questions. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, we are just a call away from finding a solution for your facility. 

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