Maximizing Space And Flow of Foot Traffic At Your Facility

For growing companies, maximizing space isn’t just a trendy topic. Many small businesses must make do with smaller than optimal office spaces. While small offices and storefront are often cheaper, they can be less productive because of the sacrifices tenants and customers must make. Even if your facility space isn’t small, poorly chosen design elements can limit the flow of foot traffic unintentionally. 

If you’re struggling to make a small office space or retail location work, here’s what you can do to improve its design:

Provide clear paths.

Space your interior elements geometrically, like streets on a grid instead of placing things haphazardly. The more space tenants and visitors have to walk, the more comfortable they will be while working or visiting. 

Implement office workspace “zoning.”

In a small office, it can be difficult to maintain a certain amount of privacy, especially if different employees have different working styles. Some employees will be more productive if they are given a closed office space that is quiet and free of distraction. Others thrive on collaborative opportunities and prefer open spaces. By zoning your facility into different workspaces for different needs, you can give everyone the environment they need to be productive. 

Prioritize your investments. 

If you’re a small business that’s growing rapidly, every investment should be thought out carefully. When designing your office space, invest in pieces of furniture and appliances that will last you and your employees for years to come. It is essential to prioritize your employees’ and visitors’ comfort over aesthetic appeal. Quality desks, long-lasting displays for retailers, and other essential items should take precedence over signage, branded design elements, and other ancillary elements of your facility. 

Upgrade equipment.

Some equipment upgrades can help maximize space. For example, having employees work on laptops instead of desktops can maximize space and provide mobility. Upgrading equipment may also give you the option to purchase smaller, more space-efficient equipment.  Many high-efficiency appliances are also smaller, which can help make your facility feel more spacious. 

If you’re moving into a new facility or are planning to upgrade your existing space, call MaintenX for help. We offer affordable installation services and can help you maintain a clean, efficient office to better your business.