Maintenance Services Essential To Inventory Warehouses

Inventory warehouses serve a special need in corporate America and require vastly different maintenance than other facilities. Warehouses must run at maximum efficiency, and be able to keep inventory in pristine condition while keeping costs down. If you own a warehouse facility or are renting one, you need to invest in maintenance services for the long-term profitability of your business. 

At MaintenX we offer affordable maintenance services for inventory warehouse facilities. We understand your unique needs, and can care for your equipment while minimizing costs. Here is what we recommend to warehouse clients to keep their facilities in top shape: 

Acid-resistant floor coatings

If you have a warehouse, you likely have a forklift. This occasionally leak battery fluid, which will quickly erode your flooring if you don’t invest in acid-resistant coating. Acid-resistant flooring will also protect your floors from wear and tear, as it’s the strongest coating option for industrial applications. 

Floor cleaning service

Even with acid-resistant flooring, your warehouse floors will show wear and tear over time. By investing upfront in scrubbing, cleaning, and repair services, you can maintain a cleaner and healthier work environment for employees. This service is also essential when moving into a new warehouse after a previous tenant has moved out. 

Mechanical parts servicing

Your warehouse equipment needs to function on a daily basis to keep up with tight deadlines and customer demand. However, all machines break down eventually. By routinely repairing and replacing parts, you can extend the life of your vital equipment while saving up for upgrades. By caring for your equipment with preventative parts maintenance, you can extend the life of your investments and reduce emergency maintenance calls. 

Floor stencil painting

Many inventory management systems require floor stenciling to maintain efficiency. Stenciling allows you to keep track of inventory placement with easy-to-understand visuals. Plus, these markings are easy to remove or paint over between tenants. Floor stencil painting should be done before you begin operations to reduce downtime and offer maximum efficiency from the outset of operations. 

Warehouse cleaning and hauling

If you’re moving into a new warehouse, you will likely need help moving heavy machinery and inventory in. If you’re the facility manager, you may need to invest in cleaning services between tenants. While these services are necessary for warehouse owners and tenants, they are often hard to come by. Talk to MaintenX to learn about our cleaning and hauling services for commercial clients.   

If you own or operate an inventory warehouse, MaintenX can help you. We offer comprehensive warehouse maintenance services and the nation’s largest contractor network. You can find reputable MaintenX technicians to help with your every facility maintenance need in 13 states. Call us today for more information.