Organization for Your Office

Just the thought of organizing your office can be overwhelming. Where do you start, and what do you do with all your stuff? Here are some tips to help you successfully navigate the process.


Before you begin, segment your office space into multiple zones. This will allow you to focus on one manageable area at a time instead of just seeing one big mess. This will help take some of the stress off, since you won’t be overwhelmed by the scale of the task. Some common areas to demarcate include offices, group workspaces, breakroom, reception, and copy room, among others. Now that you have divided, it’s time to conquer.


If you aren’t blessed with an office with massive amounts of storage space, then it might be time to get creative. If you need to utilize open space for storage but want to keep it hidden, line your walls with shelves and cabinets and run a wire from one end to the other, using opposing walls for anchoring. Using your work environment for inspiration, pick out curtains that fit the space and the people inside. You can hang curtains the length of the wire and create a false wall for your storage.


But sometimes your office is just too far gone. You have too many documents to manage, too many employees in one space, or just too much stuff and nowhere to put it. In these cases, the tip is to get a professional involved. Professional organizers can help you plan a new layout with your available space and will know how to use what you have most efficiently. Sometimes, a simple renovation or retrofit can vastly improve your space and make organization a breeze.


If you fall in the category of the latter and need some professional help, don’t fret. The friendly faces of MaintenX are just around the corner. Make the call to have a pro from MaintenX consult with you on your options and strategize on how to best accomplish your goals. What are you waiting for?