How Often Should Your Office be Cleaned

A clean office is not only an inviting space for guests, but also a healthy environment for employees to be creative and productive. Businesses vary based on size and industry, but one thing generally holds true for all: after hours, the cleaning crew comes in and scours the office for the next day. Have you ever thought, “Is my cleaning crew coming too often?” Worse yet, what if they aren’t coming enough?


While I can’t tell you in an article specifically how often your office should be cleaned, there are a couple things to factor into that determination.


The first thing to take into account is the size of your office. Larger spaces can be difficult to maintain on your own; open space allows for dust and dirt to be spread about the floor and through the HVAC system. Smaller offices are easier to sweep up and accommodate a clean-as-you go mindset and routine.


The other big factor in solving your cleaning schedule is your type of business. If you are a medical facility or dealing with anything associated with sterilization, you need to have your office cleaned multiple times a week, if not daily. If you have a business with high client traffic you will need to clean up at least weekly. Offices with low traffic or employee counts can get away with a less frequent schedule.


If it’s time to get yourself on a cleaning schedule or get a second opinion about what you need, call MaintenX today to schedule a consultation. MaintenX has experts that will guide you in the right direction for your office cleaning and other facility maintenance needs.