Pest Management Tips for Small Businesses

Wherever you are in the country, your facility can be invaded by unwanted pests. Insects, rodents, and other crawlers are annoying, but many do real damage. For small businesses in particular, dealing with pests might be a challenge, so here are some tips that any facility manager or business owner can use.

The best way to proactively repel pests is to adopt good cleaning practices. Insects, in particular, are attracted to food items and sugars. Larger arthropods follow them, so remove any unwanted or unused foodstuffs from susceptible areas. Always dispose of trash in proper receptacles, preferably sealed trash cans. In addition, remember to always clean drains, fountains, and bar drips, as even lingering scents of sugars and food can attract ants and other small insects. Consider fake office plants, which attract nothing.

Clean entryways into rooms and buildings; pests enter the business space through them as well. Dusting and cleaning doorways, ceilings, and windows will help remove materials that pests find attractive. Mop heads and other reusable cleaning tools should also be cleaned and replaced regularly.

Beyond that, hire a pest control company as soon as you see evidence of pests. It’s easier and cheaper to stop an infestation from taking hold than to hire an exterminator to remove an existing one. Toxic chemicals can be hazardous to employees, and the office may even have to be vacated for some time.

We at MaintenX understand those costs, so we recommend taking the preventative option. To learn more about our janitorial and other facility maintenance services, please contact us anytime.