How a Clean Office Increases Employee Productivity

Cleanliness is an important attribute for any business or office space, and not just for appearance’s sake. A clean office increases employee health and productivity, while boosting morale and encouraging loyalty.

Even if an employee doesn’t get “sick” from conditions in the office, minor symptoms can reduce performance. Dust from uncleaned carpeting or office surfaces can irritate sinuses, mold and mildew can cause allergic reactions, etc. Companies lose $226 billion per year to sick days; dust exposure alone reduces cognition by up to 6%. A clean workplace, on the other hand, reduces the probability of colds and flu by 80%, and is associated with an overall productivity gain of up to 8%.

There’s value on the consumer side as well; customers consistently rank cleanliness above value, speed, and even convenience in restaurants, and above lighting, music, and temperature in retail. 94% of consumers would avoid a business with unclean restrooms.

Evidence also suggests the morale-boosting effects of a clean office environment; it reduces absenteeism by 46%. Sick days can sometimes be a proxy for job dissatisfaction. Counteract that with a good scrubbing!

Not all small businesses have a cleaning staff, but all need to be regularly cleaned for sanitation and employee productivity. To learn about how we at MaintenX can meet all of your janitorial and facility maintenance needs, please feel free to contact us at any time. The question isn’t whether you can afford regular cleaning, it’s whether you can afford not to clean.