Post- Holiday Season Cleaning and Maintenance Plan

The holidays are over, and now it’s time to get things back in order at your facility. For office buildings and small businesses, this may be as simple as some New Year’s cleaning and attending to minor issues appearing after a holiday closure. However, for retail outlets, food service facilities, and some medical facilities, the holidays are a hectic time. You’ll want to invest in maintenance and cleaning when the season dies down to prepare your facility for the new year. 

Regroup as a team. 

The first step to entering the post-holiday season is getting your team in the right mindset for the new year. They have likely been working hard and exerting themselves to the max, which is a mindset you need for the end-of-the-year push. However, bringing this mindset into the new year can lead to burnout that negatively affects performance. Take stock of your priorities for 2021 and help your staff get on board with the new goals. 

Attend to wearing equipment. 

Once you’ve addressed staff fatigue and burnout due to the end-of-the-year push, you must address the same issues for your equipment. If your equipment or the facility as a whole has been overworked, you should schedule a consultation with your maintenance technicians to identify areas of a potential breakdown. It is oftentimes after the holiday season that issues with basic facility systems start to show themselves. Be prepared for these breakdowns by consulting with your MaintenX team. 

Invest in professional cleaning services. 

If your facility is used for retail or food service, you likely had an incredible influx of foot traffic during the holidays. This can lead to some bad habits forming, including the absence of regular cleaning in favor of more sales. As the holiday season slows down, take time to schedule a professional deep cleaning. Wash the floors, clean the exterior, and clean your ventilation system so that you can start the new year fresh. 

Plan for restocking. 

Restocking can be a pain after the holidays. Due to COVID-19 supply chain disruptions, it may be especially difficult to catch up as you’re waiting for shipments from manufacturers. The earlier you plan for this, the better your facility will weather the post-holiday storm. With so many empty shelves, you may need to ask for extra assistance from your staff to catch up. Plan for this ahead of time so that you can staff properly and work on your restocking needs efficiently. 

Begin your 2021 maintenance plan. 

The new year offers the opportunity to learn from last year and prepare your facility maintenance needs accordingly. Look at your maintenance budget versus actual expenses from 2020, as well as the emergency repairs you had to complete this year. Use this information to tweak your 2021 maintenance plan. 

MaintenX is here to help you through post-holiday maintenance and cleaning. Contact your local MaintenX team to learn about our services and preventative care.

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