How To Maintain Sales After The Holiday Season

For most businesses — especially those retail, finance, food service, travel, and nonprofit work — the busiest month of the year is always December. It’s the time of year when people want to buy and give the most, which means you’ll see a spike in sales almost guaranteed. However, after the holiday rush, it would be nice to see that trend plateau instead of dip back down to normal. 

There are many ways in which you can keep sales high after the holidays. Below are some of the ways we encourage our clients to make the most of the giving season and maintain it into 2021. 

Plan for returns. 

Not all of us are great gift-givers, which means the first of the year is when returns are at their highest. This can cause logistic and financial nightmares for businesses, but only if you aren’t prepared for them. Offer your customers better deals to exchange rather than return items, such as discounts or personalized services to help them find the gift they actually wanted. 

Keep the sales going. 

You might be tired of the sales, but it’s almost guaranteed that your customers aren’t. This encourages those who received gift cards or cash to extend their holiday cheer into January at your place of business. This tactic can also be used for food service or events businesses, where new menu items or lower prices can encourage people to spend their cash on experiences rather than more gifts. 

Reach new customers through a loyalty program. 

So many people buy for others during their holiday shopping spree, which means you’ll be reaching customers who may not have chosen you on their own accord. This is your chance to hook them after the holiday season with new promotions, loyalty programs, or other incentives, turning them into a regular shopper. 

Introduce a new offer. 

The new year brings a call for change among many people. This is the perfect time to launch a new product or service, especially if it is something you can market to help customers reach goals or embrace a happier 2021. As people are searching for new ways to change, so is your company. Start the year off right with a strong launch that will incentivize new sales into January. 

No matter what programs you choose to keep the sales going strong, you’ll need an experienced maintenance team to keep the ground floor running smoothly. Contact MaintenX today to learn about our different preventative maintenance programs as well as emergency services. We’re always here to lend a helping hand to local businesses!


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