Preparing for Fall Landscaping

Autumn is almost here, which means it’s time to start thinking about your fall landscaping. In the summertime, most of the work is put into maintaining beautiful flower blooms and keeping the grass well-watered. However, as the blooms start to wane and the colors change, you’ll need to invest more in cleaning up your lawn and preparing for spring. Below are four tips to help get you started with fall landscaping for commercial facilities: 


Prune cautiously. 

Autumn is often an ideal time to prune your plants to allow new growth in the spring. However, some plants won’t survive the winter if they are pruned too much. Talk to your landscaper to ensure that shrubs and trees are properly pruned for growth in the spring. 


Provide mulch for your plants. 

Most landscaping in the fall requires the raking of leaves to ensure the lawn looks clean and tidy. However, we often forget that the fallen leaves serve as insulation and fertilizer for plants naturally. Without them, the roots of your trees and surrounding foliage need insulation and fertilization to survive through the winter. Mulch serves as a good fertilizer and insulator for plants in the winter and can look neater than fallen leaves. 


Plant new trees and shrubs. 

Smaller perennial plants such as flowers and ornamental grass are typically not planted in fall because they won’t last through the winter. However, trees and shrubs can often thrive in the fall. Take advantage of your landscaper’s open schedule and plant new trees and shrubs during this time. 


Add grass seed. 

Oftentimes, landscaping will go brown in the fall. You can take advantage of this dormant period to plant grass seed and ensure a vibrant green lawn in the spring. You can even re-sod your lawn during this time to correct brown patches and take advantage of cheaper rates during the slow season. 


These simple tips can help you maintain a healthy landscape and set you up for a beautiful spring. To learn more about outdoor maintenance for commercial buildings, contact your local MaintenX today!

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