The Benefits of Installing a Smart Thermostat

Most commercial businesses are grateful for the end of the summertime. While the season brings in a lot of business, it can also bring high energy bills due to increased foot traffic and rising summer temps. If you were hit especially hard this summer by high cooling costs, consider putting your autumn savings to good use with a smart thermostat. 


This small and simple investment can help save you hundreds of dollars in annual heating and cooling costs. Below are four reasons you should choose the smart thermostat to improve your maintenance strategy:


Increase tenant comfort. 

A smart thermostat can help you adjust temperatures based on the zones of your facility. You may want to increase the temperature slightly for interior rooms areas where employees work all day. However, you can lower the temperature in entrances and exits to provide a refreshing cold when clients or tenants come inside. You can also adjust zones based on the amount of heat emitted by facility equipment. 


Control temperatures remotely. 

This is a great advantage if you run a small office or building and want to cut down on heating and cooling costs. If your facility closes for an emergency, holiday, or for renovations, you can adjust the temperature to reduce costs while you’re away. This can also be used for climate control of individual rental units.


Reduce high heating and cooling costs. 

Your smart thermostat can help you not only control but improve upon your settings over time. By tracking your energy usage through the thermostat, you can determine the ideal settings for different times of year without constantly setting and resetting. 


Improved HVAC efficiency. 

Some commercial smart thermostats can typically monitor the health of your HVAC system as well as control temperature. It can notify you if the system is becoming inefficient, if the humidity is too high, or if you are in need of routine maintenance such as cleaning or air filter replacement. These advantages can make your HVAC maintenance schedule much easier for both you and your maintenance team. 


If you’re interested in making improvements to your HVAC system, contact MaintenX today! We can help you install a smart thermostat as well as make other improvements this fall to help you prepare for next year’s summer. 

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