Your Outdoor Maintenance Checklist for Commercial Facilities

At MaintenX, we often focus on indoor facility maintenance for long-term business growth and wellbeing. However, your outdoor areas are just as important for maintaining a proper appearance and a safe working environment for staff. Whether you’re utilizing an outdoor showroom, a large parking lot, or simply a commercial landscape for curb appeal, this outdoor maintenance checklist will help you maintain a beautiful outdoors for your property. 

Outdoor Maintenance Checklist

  • Sweep front entrance daily or weekly to remove dirt and fallen debris
  • Repair cracks in concrete, brick, and pavers
  • Inspect the foundation for signs of deterioration and schedule repairs accordingly
  • Clean windows regularly
  • Inspect outdoor HVAC units for cleanliness and proper performance
  • Inspect and clean rooftop of debris
  • Clean out gutters around the entire building
  • Replace broken or cracked shingles
  • Repair roofing flashing and reapply a waterproof sealant if applicable
  • Clean and repair outdoor lighting and electrical work
  • Inspect caulking and weather stripping for signs of damage
  • Repair railings, ramps, and other safety/ADA features
  • Rake dead foliage and cut grass 
  • Inspect outdoor irrigation and adjust as needed
  • Inspect plumbing accessible outside the facility and ensure it is in good working order
  • Pull weeds and trim overgrowth of trees and shrubs
  • Repaint the exterior or freshen up chipped paint
  • Apply sealants to brick, pavers, and stone
  • Pressure wash stone and wood hardscape where applicable

This is not an exhaustive list, but it will help get you started creating a safe, beautiful, and functional landscape.

Does this checklist seem like too much for your handyman to carry out? If so, contact your local MaintenX team to learn about our comprehensive preventative maintenance services. We work with your staff and management to create a plan that is holistic, cost-efficient, and beneficial to your business overall. We believe that the best care you can give to your building is preventative care, which is why we put emphasis on routine checkups and low-cost preventative maintenance services. 

To learn more about our outdoor maintenance services, contact your local MaintenX team today!

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