Preparing Your Facility For 2020

With the New Year just around the corner, now is a great time to plan for your 2020 preventative maintenance program. As your facility expands, updating your preventative maintenance schedule will help you increase efficiency and save on operating costs in the new year. With the guidance of your MaintenX maintenance team, there is no reason you can’t achieve both of these goals.

The first step in preparing your facility for 2020 is to conduct a maintenance audit on all equipment. After immediate repairs and maintenance are performed, you can then prepare for the upcoming year with these preventative maintenance steps: 

Plan your 2020 preventative maintenance budget. 

Maintenance costs should not be an afterthought in your 2020 budget. Poor financial preparation for emergency and preventative repairs will get you into more trouble than it’s worth. As you sit down to prepare your maintenance budget, ask yourself, “What sort of repairs should we anticipate, and what upgrades do we want to start saving up for?” Financially planning for incremental upgrades as well as emergency repairs will set you up for success. 

Update your technology.

Too many facilities still rely on a reactive maintenance protocol for their facility’s major equipment. This system, while preventing unnecessary expenses, puts your facility at risk of major downtime and lost profits. By upgrading your facility’s maintenance technology to include a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), you can save money over time and ensure that setbacks don’t happen. 

Inspect your roof, HVAC, plumbing, and other critical systems. 

These systems and structural elements are often overlooked in commercial buildings until they cause a problem. While less glamorous than your main equipment, these building systems are critical to daily operations. Contact your MaintenX team to schedule an audit of your HVAC and plumbing systems, as well as a roof and backflow inspection. 

Schedule winter landscaping services. 

If you have landscaping to tend to at your storefront or facility, now is the time to schedule winter maintenance. Plan for pest control services, remove leaves, and clean gutters after the last of the fall season has passed over. You want to keep your storefront looking fresh all year round, not just in the spring and summer when it’s most noticeable. 

Review your maintenance contract. 

With each coming and passing year, your facility needs will change. If you have gained new facility space or equipment, it is important to discuss with your maintenance team new demands. You will also want to review scheduled versus performed services to cut unnecessary expenses. This will provide you with an optimized facility maintenance plan rather than an outdated checklist that won’t meet your true needs. 

If you’re ready to schedule success for 2020, talk to your MaintenX team today. We provide comprehensive preventative maintenance plans for facilities of all sizes.