How Preventative Maintenance Prevents Workplace Injury

The safety of employees is something that all facility managers should strive to incorporate into their plans. A safe working environment means fewer injuries, happier workers, and fewer expensive workers’ compensation claims. While there are many things one can do to help prevent workplace injuries, preventative maintenance is one of the best.

The concept behind preventative maintenance is that small, regular fixes reduce the risk of sudden breakdowns. Equipment failure is inconvenient, costly, and frequently hazardous. For example, if a heavy piece of machinery breaks down, it may spin out of control and injure the operator.

Similarly, failure in systems like lighting or HVAC can lead to workplace injuries. If the lights suddenly go out while dangerous equipment is in use, the operator may be injured. Likewise, HVAC failures in places with inhospitable temperatures can cause total workplace shutdown.

Look at preventative maintenance as an investment in confidence. It is an excellent way to not only ensure that your facility’s equipment will operate properly, but also prevent injuries to workers and staff. To learn more about how MaintenX can help your business establish and execute the perfect preventative maintenance plan, please contact us at any time.