Lighting Options that Save the Most Energy

Energy efficiency is a goal for many facility managers because using less energy means less money going into power bills. Lighting is an easy aspect to modify; it doesn’t require major infrastructure change or expensive equipment. Facility managers should be aware of what lighting options they have that can save the most energy.

One of the most cost-effective ways to save on lighting costs is to switch to low-consumption bulbs. These are typically marked as energy-efficient or “green”. Though they might be more expensive than traditional bulbs, they not only use less energy but also last longer. Compact fluorescent bulbs last ten times as long as incandescents, and are four times as efficient. LEDs go further, lasting forty times longer than incandescents while using a fifth of the power. LEDs are smaller and more versatile than CFLs, produce no heat, and contain zero harmful mercury.

But don’t limit your efficiency transformation to just the source of light; think about how you control light as well. Light switches that are controlled by motion sensors will only activate if someone is in the room, avoiding waste. Turn off your office lights when no one is in the building; consider installing timers or a wireless remote-control system.

If you can, make green lighting as fundamental as possible to your facility. When designing or renovating, take advantage of natural lighting through skylights, window placement, eaves, and building orientation. Sunlight is free, after all!

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