Preventative Measures to Make Your Facility Safer for Tenants

Running a business includes a lot more than high sales and customer traffic. It’s important for business owners and facility managers to maintain a well-run store too. An essential part of that equation is the safety and security of the establishment. Following are a few ways you can make your facility safer and keep employees and patrons out of harm’s way.

Security System

All business and facilities should have a security system installed into their establishment. Alarm systems, surveillance cameras, and individual door alarms are all a good idea. In today’s technologically-advanced environment, security features are easy to come by and can prevent the risk of crime in your store.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is one of the most important ways to keep a facility, and its tenants, safe. This solution allows you to perform regularly scheduled maintenance to keep all aspects of the building in tip-top shape and working at peak performance. Repairing cracks in concrete, removing overgrown landscaping and fixing leaks can all help limit potential hazards. Preventative maintenance also needs to be completed on equipment and facility systems. Whether it is appliances, air conditioning units or heavy duty machinery, having these items regularly serviced can prevent breakdowns and injuries later on.   

Safe Standards

There are many safety standards in place that need to be followed in order to protect your company’s employees and tenants. A lot of these procedures can be found through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) website. Examples include wearing proper safety gear, marking wet floors with caution signs and proper ladder safety. It’s important to not only read the various safety manuals put forth by OSHA, by train your employees and managers accordingly. Following this practices will ensure you have a safe workplace and a sound business.

Overall, it’s important to maintain a safe environment for employees and tenants. In addition to adhering to safe practices, preventative maintenance is also an excellent way to keep your workplace safe.