Protecting your Facility from a Hurricane

Florida has always been a hurricane hotspot. Over the past two decades, the state has been riddled with powerful storms during the late summer. After taking several seasons off from significant damage, Florida was given a humbling reminder of how brutal Mother Nature can be, in the form of Hurricane Irma. Almost a year later, we all prepare for the 2018 hurricane season – one that meteorologists predict will be even more active than the last. Here is what you need to know to get your facility prepared and protected in case the weather folks are correct.


Have a backup plan. I don’t mean a “Plan B”; it must be comprehensive. Having a backup of your critical data is often overlooked in facility prep. If you don’t already have it in place, utilize an interior closet as a server room that feeds to an offsite backup. Doing this will keep your work and your data protected, and allow for remote work access in case of major damage to your structure.


Have the structural integrity of your roof checked. The roof is usually the first thing to go during a massive storm, and thus is a main source of water intrusion. Having a skilled team inspect your roof and attic can give you insight on any preventative maintenance necessary prior to storm season.


Install storm shutters to protect your most vulnerable entry points. Windows are prime targets for tree limbs and loose debris. By utilizing storm shutters, you protect all your glass (and therefore your interiors) from projectiles propelled by hurricane-force winds.


Survey the landscape for possible threats. This includes everything from tree inspection and trimming to the grade of your pavement and planted areas. Having a professional assess the condition of your trees is an easy way to prevent unnecessary damage. Trimming branches that are unhealthy or too close to your building is much easier than dealing with the fallen aftermath. Also, you want to make sure the grade of your surrounding grounds funnels water away from your building, rather than toward your doors or foundation.


Now is the time to prepare your facility for the upcoming hurricane season. There is much to consider before the next big storm hits, and you need to call a professional for a consultation before they get booked up in the thick of the season. Call MaintenX today to schedule your storm season consultation.