What to Do When There is Water Damage

One of the most gut-wrenching experiences is walking into your office and coming face-to-face with serious water damage. This scenario could be caused by several things – busted pipe, storm or flood damage, leaky roof – but the result is the same. Here is what to do if your building is faced with water damage.


There are two things you need to do immediately when you discover water damage in your building. The first is to contact your insurance company and open a claim. The second is to engage a professional company to mitigate the damage and return you to normal operation as quickly as possible. Once you hire the right team to come in, they will be able to assess the damage, then drain and dry out any remaining water. It is important that the affected area is tested for mold and other health threatening contaminants.


Many people forget that not all water is clean. If you are dealing with water damage from a broken pipe, the water must be tested to ensure there are not any hidden chemical or waste factors to consider. Flooring aside, affected drywall can to spread contaminants rapidly due to its porous nature. If the water has been sitting for a long time, expect the service company to remove and replace that drywall.


If the water damage is significant enough, like that created by leaking roofs and falling water, you need to have the areas behind the drywall inspected. This can become a breeding ground for mold and lead to the demise of the building’s structural integrity.


If you have a building in a place like Florida, you need to prepare a checklist prior to use in the event of water damage. Florida has a lengthy hurricane season, and many buildings are susceptible to such damage. Whether you are dealing with the headache of water damage, or just planning, contact MaintenX today to determine your next and best step.