Reasons Sustainability Programs Fail

There is a big push among businesses around the world to tailor their companies to become more sustainable. Becoming more environmentally friendly is not only good for the community overall, but also for each individual company. Unfortunately, not every sustainability program will succeed, for a number of reasons.

One of the biggest reasons that company sustainability programs fail is lack of commitment or follow-through. One major business decision that is environmentally friendly does not necessarily make a business sustainable. The first move is one of many, and it takes dedication for a company consistently strive towards sustainability. Many programs start off strong, but then peter out later.

Sustainability initiatives must be implemented company-wide. Middle management is sometimes to blame for the failure of a company’s sustainability program. While the C-suite may write out an excellent strategy, if it is lost in translation once it reaches the rank-and-file the program is ineffective. This is primarily true for larger companies, but it can affect any firm with an established hierarchy.

Finally, prepare before you draw up any strategy! Gather the necessary information so you know where you can improve. Even if you know you’re wasting water, you can’t fix the problem if you don’t know where the leak is. Data is half the battle; investigate, plan, then act.

At MaintenX we support sustainability and want to help businesses implement their own internal programs. We have helped companies of all sizes accomplish this, and we are confident that we can help yours. For more information, please contact us any time!