The Top 5 Most Sustainable Businesses

The push for corporate sustainability is shared throughout the world. Sustainability, in the business sense, means using environmental friendliness as part of one’s standard of success. Companies that make a powerful impact in their communities by promoting environmental justice issues are considered sustainable. While any business can achieve this goal, a few stand proud on the world stage as paragons for sustainability.

According to research firm Corporate Knights’ yearly ranking, the most sustainable company in the world is Siemens, an industrial company based in Germany. They’ve developed ambitious plans and produced quantifiable results: half their facilities in Germany use 100% green energy, their Newcastle location produces zero landfill waste, and they have committed to carbon-neutral operations by 2030. Norwegian financial services firm Storebrand ASA is second on the list, followed by the American IT firm Cisco.

Two more financial companies are fourth and fifth: Danske Bank of Denmark and ING Group of the Netherlands.

The only other American company in the Top 10 is the healthcare firm Johnson & Johnson. Maintenx believes that with the world’s largest and most dynamic economy, the US should have more than two out of ten on the list. We’re ready to help make that happen.

As a business owner, it is up to you to choose sustainability, but you don’t have conduct the process alone. We at MaintenX believe in promoting sustainability, and want to help you achieve it through good management of your business facilities and good strategic advice. To learn more about the services we offer, please contact us anytime!