Roofing Options For Facility Renovation

Roof renovations are serious and often expensive endeavors. These types of undertaking require many months of planning and budgeting, but hopefully result in stronger, more appealing structures than before. When preparing for your roofing renovation, you have several material options to consider which will shape a majority of the rest of the planning. 

In most cases, facility managers simply replace old roofing with newer roofing in the same material. This quick and easy solution, however, is oftentimes not the most effective. It is very likely that the original roofing material was chosen only for budget-friendliness. If you are trying to upgrade your roofing to a more durable material, you should consider other possibilities. 

Before deciding on your roofing materials, have your roofer come out shortly after a rainfall to conduct an inspection. They can identify areas of weakness as well as areas of ponding to provide a better idea of how to fix problems on the fresh surface. Adding extra drainage or adding slope to areas of ponding can create a more structurally sound roof.

After the inspection, you and your roofer should develop a scope of work to identify common goals and expectations. Your plan should include the materials, estimated time of installation, and the application methods most suitable to reduce project time. You will also want to identify where current electrical and gas lines, as well as rooftop AC units are located to ensure that those are properly installed during the renovation. 

When deciding on roofing materials you have many different options including: 

  • Asphalt
  • Metal/aluminum
  • Slate
  • Concrete
  • Wood shake
  • Clay tile
  • Vinyl membranes
  • Plastic polymer

Each of these options has different benefits and drawbacks that you should discuss with your roofing contractor. At MaintenX, we offer honest and comprehensive information about facility roofing renovations to help our clients make the best decisions for their buildings. We value your budget and time as well as your service satisfaction. For more information about roofing renovations and repairs, contact MaintenX today!

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