Preventing Safety Issues During Electrical Maintenance Work

Electricians are often characterized as very brave people. This line of work can be dangerous and requires great focus in order to achieve best results. When you have an electrical issue at your facility, you only want the best of the best to come out to the site and provide inspection. That’s why businesses in 13 states call MaintenX for all of their electrical work. 

If you are experiencing an electrical issue, call your local MaintenX team immediately. Left untreated, a minor electrical issue could result in a major power outage or worse, an electrical fire. Your MaintenX technician will know exactly what to do and can get you back up and running in no time. However, you will need to follow several rules to prevent safety issues during your electrical maintenance work. 

Because of the inherent danger in electrical work, there are several OSHA regulations you and your contractor must follow. You can find more detailed information on the OSHA website, but the basic steps you should follow include: 

1: De-energize the circuit. 

Before working on any electrical component, the contractor must de-energize the circuit. This is always the first step and should typically be done even before the inspection begins. Don’t do this for your contractor, however. They will know which circuits will actually need work and which ones can remain running during the service. 

2: Double-check that the circuit is de-energized. 

Because this step is so important, your technician should go back and ensure that the circuit is actually de-energized. Several mishaps can cause a circuit to become re-energized. Tripping the breaker, malfunctioning circuits, and unexpected power sources can all cause a circuit to be re-energized after it has been turned off. 

3: Protect against re-energization. 

Under no circumstances should the circuit be re-energized until your technician says that it is safe. In most instances, the electrician will tag and lock the breaker box to ensure that nothing can accidentally re-energize the circuit. These procedures are outlined in several OSHA regulations and should be followed every time. 

Other safety tips for your staff:

  • Inform those around you what maintenance work is being performed. If your staff is unaware of the electrical maintenance work, they may put themselves or your electrician in a dangerous situation accidentally. Inform them before the service provider arrives onsite. 
  • Always have a trained professional perform electrical work. Some of your workers may volunteer to take a look at the issue, but don’t allow them. Electrical work should only be performed by a trained contractor, not only for safety reasons but for liability purposes. 

If you are experiencing electrical issues, contact your local MaintenX team today, or click here to report an emergency

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