School Maintenance During the Summer

With school out for the summer, it’s time for custodial crews and facility maintenance teams to start cleaning, and complete repairs and construction projects. Now is also the perfect time to focus on prevention to increase energy efficiency in your school’s building. Use this summer season to prepare the facility to conserve more energy (and save more money) and have it running in tip-top shape for when school starts.

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) unit maintenance – Summer is the time to make sure air filters are changed, condenser coils are thoroughly cleaned and drain pans are properly drained. Another important tip is to not completely turn off the air conditioning unit for an extended period of time. Although it’s okay to increase the temperature when the facility is not occupied, completely shutting off the HVAC system can lead to heavy humidity and moisture in the space, resulting in mold.

Flooring maintenance – Floors, whatever the material, can take a beating during the school year. Summer months are the perfect time to steam carpets, buff linoleum floors and polish wood floors. You also have the opportunity to protect the floors with sealants and other products to prepare them for the next school year.

Window maintenance – In addition to removing all of the fingerprints and dirt particles that have gathered on or near windows, summer is also the time to repair them.       

Security and fire systems – Now is also the time to test security systems and fire systems. All of the emergency related equipment should be tested inspected.

Class might not be in session during the summer months, but technicians are still hard at work prepare the grounds for the next year and prevent larger problems from arising. With these helpful tips, your school will be ready when the kids return this fall.