Sealing Your Facility Before Winter

Facility managers spend a lot of time thinking of ways to reduce costs and maximize efficiency at their businesses. In the winter, much of this focus goes toward reducing heating costs. While this has much to do with the efficiency and performance of your HVAC system, it can be equally affected by the insulation and proper sealing of your facility.


“Sealing” the facility means eliminating air leaks from doors, windows, and cracks in the structure. A great deal of heated air can escape from doors and windows, while cold air freely flows inside. This makes your HVAC work harder than it should. You may be experiencing HVAC performance issues caused by overworking rather than the system’s age. If this is happening, your expensive HVAC system could meet an early deterioration due to improper insulation. 


The first step to sealing your facility is to close the gaps between window frames and doors. Common issues include door closers working improperly, a deterioration within the frame causing an improper fit, or deteriorating weather stripping. Weatherstripping and repairs on window and door frames can go a long way toward keeping you warmer in the winter. However, these are not the only places where air leaks can occur in your facility. 


You’ll also want to inspect the rooftop insulation to ensure it’s doing its proper job. A great deal of warm air escapes from the rooftops, which can cause issues for your HVAC system and your power bill. Talk to your MaintenX technicians about insulation options, as well as roofing maintenance to seal the leaks or cracks on the rooftop. 


Sealing your facility will also include insulation on your plumbing. Pipes tend to burst in the winter if they freeze. This can shut your facility down partially or entirely, especially if the plumber is not called immediately. In order to prevent the catastrophe, contact your MaintenX plumber to inspect your pipes and install insulation if needed. Insulating your pipes can also help with better airflow and protect them from wear and tear throughout the year. 


Your MaintenX technicians can help you take on these projects and fully prepare your facility for winter. We work with facilities across the country to help them insulate their facilities and perform at a high level in the winter. To learn more, contact your local MaintenX team!

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