Winter Maintenance For Your Chiller Equipment

Commercial chillers are a vital part of many industrial operations, including facilities for injection molding, semiconductor processing, tool and die-cutting, food and beverage production, and more. This piece of machinery is critical to maximizing performance and reducing reactive maintenance costs across time. Because many are water or water/glycol-based, they can freeze during the winter. This can cause major issues for your facility as a whole, and can even cause a shutdown in severe circumstances. 


Preventative maintenance can help reduce your chances of a critical chiller failure during the winter. It can also help increase energy efficiency in the spring and summer months when your chiller must work harder to maintain a proper operating temperature. Below are just a few ways to care for your commercial chiller during the cold months: 


Check and adjust water, oil, and refrigerant levels. 

Winter is the ideal time to check on your chiller levels since it won’t be working at peak performance. Compare manufacturer recommended levels to your current levels and top off as needed. Water in the chiller should also be tested for pH and mineral or chemical impurities. 


Clean chiller tubes and cooling towers. 

The tubes and cooling towers are the most critical components of your chiller as a whole. They easily collect mineral deposits and can develop algae growth over time. This can reduce the operating efficiency of your chiller by up to 30%, so it’s important to clean these components regularly. Take advantage of the winter to perform thorough cleaning and maintenance. 


Check for leaks. 

Chillers will develop small cracks and leaks over time. While these don’t cause immediate damage, they can eventually let harmful refrigerant leak. Use the winter downtime to perform preventative maintenance on any leaks or cracks in your chiller system. This will help protect you from long-term damage and facility hazards. 


Create a PM plan for spring and summer. 

One of the most important aspects of preventative maintenance for any critical facility equipment is to log services and create a plan for future maintenance. By tracking service history, you can plan for manufacturer-recommended services and upgrades as needed. Preventative maintenance planning can also help you plan for chiller maintenance expenses in 2021. 


MaintenX is here to help you perform all chiller maintenance functions throughout the winter and into 2021. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, contact your local MaintenX technicians today! 


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