What Services Can a Handyman Perform in Florida?

The hallmark of a good handyman is versatility. Handyman jobs can include commercial and home renovations, appliance repair, equipment maintenance, installation, carpentry, fencing, and more. When a property owner needs a physical task done, they call a handyman.

The State of Florida is a good place to be a handyman because the state presents unique maintenance opportunities. A thriving property market combined with humidity, rainstorms, and even the occasional alligator can require fixes that might not arise anywhere else.

Heavy summer rains and hurricanes can exploit leaky roofs, rust pipes, and cause electrical shorts. Carpets, drapes, and other home fabrics tend to take on more damage in Florida due to the humid climate. Animals exploit holes in screen doors and porches, and pool decks need cleaning. Even in a well-maintained home or office, Florida presents myriad little problems. Individually they might be annoying, but taken collectively they can slow down your business. It’s expensive and impractical to hire specialists for each fix, so turn to a handyman.

MaintenX has its own team of handymen, highly trained generalists that serve Florida and the rest of the country too. We are happy to assist in any facility maintenance or home renovation project, so feel free to contact us anytime.