Which is Right for You – a Subcontractor or an In-House Handyman?

When it comes to executing renovation or maintenance projects, every facility manager or business owner is faced with choosing when, how, and most importantly who will complete the task. There are typically two different options available: an outside subcontractor or an in-house handyman. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options, but for most businesses hiring an outside team is the more cost-effective route.

The price comparison comes from the basic difference between contract and salaried labor. One-time projects involve a team with specialized skills that work for a limited period. Many contractors are available for very affordable rates. An in-house worker, on the other hand, is paid regularly according to his or her salary and is usually a full-time employee. This also means benefits, time off, etc., none of which is involved in employing contract workers.

Smaller businesses typically don’t have the resources to fund a full-time maintenance technician. Their small facilities also don’t produce enough work to keep someone busy all the time. For larger businesses with large facilities and unusual equipment, on the other hand, employing a dedicated maintenance man might be worth it. He’d know the plant, and you never have to schedule an appointment.

MaintenX offers the best of both worlds: the expertise and availability of an in-house handyman with the cost-effectiveness of outside help. Contact us anytime to learn about how we can assist in any facility maintenance project.