Signs Your Equipment Needs Maintenance

Good maintenance of your facility’s assets helps catch common problems before they become bigger ones, can help to extend the working life of your facility’s expensive machines and help to prevent future unexpected asset breakdowns. Watch out for these warning signs to save your organization time and money in the future.

Increased Operator Need

Most facility assets are set up to run autonomously. If you see that your operators are always fiddling with the same piece of equipment, that machine may need maintenance. Fix the issues and your downtime will be heavily reduced and future costly breakdowns can be prevented.

Asset Usage

If you have found an increase in materials being used, then you may have a problem on your hands. A properly operating piece of facility equipment won’t just give you savings by lowering the instances of asset downtime, but it will also save your facility budget on the extra costs of materials used.

Strange Sounds

Odd or loud sounds can be a strong indication of anything from a worn-out bearing to a bad gearbox. If your employees start to hear any unfamiliar or strange noises coming from your facility’s machines, this is a clear sign that it is in need of service. Heed the warning and have the machine looked at by a trained repair expert. This could save you a lot of money and headache-inducing downtime in the future.

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