Simple Tips To Lower Your Office Energy Bill During The Summer 

Summer is the busy season for many businesses. People are traveling and spending more time outdoors, which means more traffic inside your office or storefront. However, no one will want to stay inside your office — neither customers nor employees — if your office space isn’t kept cool. Indoor air quality and temperature play an integral role in customer experience and employee satisfaction. So, let’s talk about keeping your office building cool during those busy summer months. 

MaintenX works with our customers to keep their facilities in tip-top shape. From onsite HVAC repairs to roofing and insulation service, we work hard so that your air conditioning doesn’t have to. However, there are several steps you can also take to lower your energy consumption during peak summer months. Here’s how: 

Maintain airflow, not just temperature. Keeping the air in your office moving improves the air quality and keeps tenants cool at the same time. While maintaining airflow may not lower the actual temperature, it will lower humidity levels and help moisture to evaporate off the skin, making it feel a few degrees cooler than it actually is. This allows you to give your A/C a break rather than running it constantly to keep tenants cool. 

Don’t set the temperature too low. Some people want to keep their offices at a low temperature all year round without setting reasonable expectations for the energy costs. If you instead raise the temperature slightly, you can reduce costs without sacrificing much comfort. Keep in mind, every degree below 78°F can increase your bill by up to eight percent. 

Address insulation. Poor insulation could let cold air escape from your office building and make your HVAC system work harder. If you’re unsure, have a MaintenX technician perform an inspection and recommend insulation services for your building. 

Set one temperature and keep it. Many facility managers don’t realize that changing the temperature based on occupancy can actually increase the bill rather than lower it. It takes more energy to bring a room down to a certain temperature every day than it does to keep it at one temperature consistently. Keep this in mind when setting your smart thermostat. 

Install energy-efficient windows. Windows that are heat-resistant will help you reduce the amount of heat coming from the inside into your office. Reflective window tints and other energy-efficient window designs can drastically reduce the average temperature in a room without A/C. However, if you want to go a more traditional route, simply install some blinds or curtains to keep your office cool. 

You can also have your MaintenX technicians visit your facility to perform preventative maintenance tasks such as changing air filters and making minor repairs on aging HVAC systems. These simple maintenance tasks can really make a difference in reducing your energy bill during the summer. 

For more information about our preventative HVAC maintenance services, contact your local MaintenX team today!

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