This Is Why You’re Losing 25% Of Your Cold Air During The Summer 

If you take a hard look at your facility’s budget, you’ll likely realize that the biggest recurring expense is energy use. In Tampa, where MaintenX is headquartered, businesses incur significant energy expenses during the summer when the A/C is working hard. From May until October, the HVAC system will be pushed to the max to keep everyone inside comfortable. However, there could be problems within your facility that make the HVAC system work harder than it needs to. 

Small cracks in the walls, windows, and ceiling can cause air to leak out of the building, or for air from outside to come inside. This is an especially big problem during the summer for Florida businesses. Hot air comes in while air-conditioned air leaks out, leaving your tenants and employees uncomfortable and your expenses high. If left untreated, these air leaks could cost you hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year. 

Air leaks can also cause inconsistencies in room temperature. If only one room has an issue, it will be warmer during the summer and colder during the winter than the rest of the building.  While this can sometimes be caused by a problematic HVAC system, the first step should be addressing potential air leaks. Repairing leaks in your building is simpler and less costly than replacing an HVAC system. It can also fix other issues, including pest problems and water leaks in the building. 

A professional HVAC technician can help you identify and create solutions for air leaks. First, they will perform a building inspection to determine if you have air leaks and where they are located. After the inspection your technician can then plan for sealing or caulking services. 

Sealing, caulking, and proper insulation will save your building from losing 25% of its cold air during the summer. Weatherstripping or spray foam can often seal minor air leaks, while caulking is used for more durable or outdoor applications. You may also need to improve your building’s insulation to stop air from escaping in the roof and walls. 

MaintenX offers sealing, caulking, and roofing repair services for businesses in 13 states. As the summer approaches, you want to be proactive in protecting your facility from air leaks. These are inexpensive repairs that can save you hundreds of dollars during the summer. Take advantage of the superior service at MaintenX and get your air leaks fixed today!

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