Skilled Trade Jobs that are Currently in High Demand

The American economy might technically be at full employment, but there are a number of trade jobs still in high demand. They require skill and training, but no college degree, and our education system does not produce enough skilled tradesmen to fill the demand. A labor shortage means high wages; knowing the market value of these jobs will help you price out maintenance services for your business.

One of the most popular skilled trade jobs is that of an electrician. Electrical work typically takes a few years of apprenticeship, as well as a specific license. But with a high school diploma and on-the-job training, the median wage for electricians is $53,000/year. They certainly provide a vital service for facility owners.

Plumbers are equally important; you must have functioning toilets as well as lights. Plumbers need similar qualifications to electricians, and their median wage is $51,000/year. In addition, the profession is projected to grow much faster than average in the coming year.

The HVAC technician field will grow similarly quickly. With postsecondary non-degree education and on-the-job training, their median income is $46,000/year. Especially in parts of the country with less temperate climates, there will always be a need. Even as HVAC control systems become increasingly automated, mechanics still need to service the hardware.

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