Energy-Efficient Office Equipment for Your Business

Energy efficiency is a central tenet of sustainability. Business owners and facility managers are increasingly pursuing it to cut down on utility costs. Plus, energy-saving appliances tend to last longer than their more wasteful counterparts. Installing and maintaining energy-efficient office equipment in your business can be easy, with the proper guidance and assistance.

Start by getting energy-efficient computers and IT equipment; EnergyStar can help you find everything from servers to A/V. Don’t forget to pair them with good habits, like setting displays to sleep when not in use. You can even find smart power strips that prevent current leakage!

Getting energy-efficient lighting systems will lower power costs as well as equipment costs, LEDs, and fluorescents last longer than incandescent bulbs.

HVAC systems can be modified to run more efficiently, and regularly inspecting them for leaks goes a long way toward eliminating energy waste. This holds true for bathroom appliances, such as toilets and sinks, which can be retrofitted with apparatus like motion sensors to use less water.

We at MaintenX believe in energy-efficiency, and can help your business save more by using less. We’ll install the equipment, and perform preventative and emergency maintenance on all appliances. Contact us anytime for expert suggestions and to learn how we can support your business and its facility.