Spring Window Cleaning For A Brighter Summer Office Space

When was the last time you thought about your windows? Perhaps it was the last time the sunshine perked up your office space, or when your storm-proof windows held together during a major thunderstorm. While we may appreciate the strength and beauty of windows during these times, they are typically forgotten and minimally maintained throughout the year. 

This becomes a problem when the windows show dirt instead of sunshine, or when a seemingly sturdy piece of glass breaks in the event of a storm. By providing preventative maintenance service to your windows, however, you can avoid all of this and still have money left over in your maintenance budget for other services. Proper spring cleaning and maintenance of your windows will truly add to the tenant and employee experience if you do it right. 

Window maintenance not only keeps your facility looking nice, but it prevents dust, dirt, debris, and cobwebs from collecting. Dirt and dust can cause indoor air quality issues, while unaddressed cobwebs can lead to serious pest problems. Window maintenance also alerts you when a crack is present in your windows. A small crack now can lead to disaster later, which is why you should schedule preventative maintenance and cleanings now. 

Cleaning your windows can also reduce environmental impacts. Hard water stains and concrete leaching can cause serious buildup on your windows, or leave streaking stains on your window that are hard to remove. By inspecting your windows early on you can quickly clean these areas and identify the source of the water stain. This preventative maintenance service can lead to the identification of other exterior problems, which will save you tremendously in the long run. 

If you have been lacking in your window maintenance, it’s not too late to schedule your first service. MaintenX recommends commercial facilities schedule window cleaning seasonally. However, there are many factors that can contribute to the frequency and timing of your optimal window cleaning schedule including: 

  • The age and condition of your building
  • The building’s location and natural environment surrounding it
  • The landscaping surrounding the building
  • The condition of the interior
  • The climate and season
  • The architectural style of the building
  • The type of business 
  • The available maintenance budget 

If you are interested in scheduling a window cleaning service, contact your local MaintenX team today! We will help you choose the right service for your budget, and will be back every season to help you keep your building in tip-top shape.

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