Five Reasons To Choose The Local Handyman

At home, the handyman is the person in the family with the most know-how in the garage. They’re the one who saves the day when a faucet leaks, when the door creaks, or when something breaks unexpectedly. But, when you need minor repairs in the office, who do you call? Your employees can’t be responsible for building maintenance if they are to use their time on the clock wisely. And you can’t let maintenance issues go unchecked for long before they become major issues. 

When you need a repair or maintenance service for your facility, your local handyman company is the place to go. A localized maintenance service will be there on time and can alleviate your problems quickly and efficiently. You can also call an independent contractor or hire your own maintenance staff, but oftentimes these services are not as reliable as hiring an outsourced maintenance company. Here are just a few reasons why the local handyman is your best bet for total facility maintenance: 

They know your business. 

When you work with the same maintenance company for several years, they get to know your business needs and rhythms. They will have the inside knowledge to know when a piece of equipment needs a replacement instead of a repair and will know what to expect before arriving onsite. When you switch between contractors, you don’t have the same network of information and records of past service that can make the difference in reducing your budget long-term. 

They know the unique environmental effects that may affect your building. 

The two most common causes of emergency repairs include misuse or mismanagement of equipment, and environmental impacts. Environmental impacts — including climate, debris, rain, humidity, and biological contaminants — can erode the interior or exterior of your building rapidly. A local handyman will understand the unique environment of your facility and be able to recommend preventative maintenance services based on these risks. 

They are a part of your community. 

The local handyman isn’t just a corporate representative. They’re your neighbor, and a part of the community that you share and both strive to improve. Your local handyman will care at a level that those from out of state simply do not. By choosing a localized maintenance service, you are choosing your community. 

They offer competitive rates for your region. 

Localized maintenance services oftentimes offer more competitive rates than those that are outsourced from other regions or states. They can not only complete services quicker, but will develop a professional relationship with you that helps you save money long-term. By choosing a local handyman for preventative maintenance, you won’t have to spend more on major emergency repairs. 

They will look out for you when the other guys disappear. 

Your local handyman service is an integral part of operations at your facility. When the other guys have gone home, they will be by your side for both preventative and emergency repairs. That’s the advantage you’ll have with MaintenX, your local handyman and preventative maintenance service. 

MaintenX has local teams operating in 13 states for total commercial facility repairs. We have the largest contractor network in the country, offering localized service with the finest expertise and skilled technicians available. For more information about our handyman services, contact MaintenX today!

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