Summer Roof Maintenance Tips

Summertime is in full swing and this means it’s hotter than ever. Intense summer conditions can have a major effect on your building, especially your roof. It’s important to keep your facility’s roof in the best possible condition during summer months to ensure the harsh weather doesn’t cause damage that leads to costly repairs later. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your roof this summer.

Hold an Inspection

It’s always a good idea to give your roof a thorough inspection once the summer starts for leaks or damage. Between the increased heat and frequent storms that summer brings with it, any vulnerabilities in the roof will be exploited during summer.

Check your Shingles  

It’s also important to carefully check your shingles. If there are any broken, missing or cracked shingles, you’ll want to have those replaced right away. If you detect any damages, call a roofing technician to help fix the issues.

Search for Sealants

Sealants and caulking can be easily damaged during the colder months of the year. It’s crucial to check your roof’s sealant to ensure it is still in good shape. You don’t want any water to enter your building during summer rainfall.

Look for Mold

Warmer temperatures and high humidity are quite favorable for mold growth. Inspect your roof for any mold, algae or other debris that may have accumulated.

Unclog Gutters

You’ll want your gutters to be clog-free this summer. Leaves, branches, dirt and other debris can back up and accumulate in your gutters during spring. Use summertime as an opportunity to clear your gutters and make sure water can flow through freely.

Cut Down Branches

Although large leafy trees can provide shade during the hot summer months, these branches and limbs can be dangerous hanging over your business’ roof. Broken tree limbs can cause substantial damage to a building’s roof, so it’s important to cut down and branches that hang over your roof.

Summertime calls for relaxation and merriment, but that doesn’t mean that work stops completely. It’s important to maintain your roof during summer months. With these helpful tips, your roof will be in great shape.