The #1 Maintenance Issue That Ruins Summer Service

Summer is here, which means it’s the busy season for many small businesses across the U.S. This is especially true at MaintenX’s headquarters in Tampa, Florida, where the tourism industry is ramping up and won’t stop until mid-August. While we work on all sorts of maintenance issues in the summer, you can probably guess which is most common this time of year.

If you guessed HVAC problems, you are correct. Because of the increased demand for the HVAC system during the summer, we see an increase in service calls for overworked or broken down units. In the wintertime, this wouldn’t be a huge issue for service, but in the summer it can easily shut down an entire building.

An overworked HVAC system will ruin your customer experience.

Employees and customers don’t want to be in a building with no A/C during the summer. Not only will it create an unpleasant customer experience, but it can cause real issues for your staff if they’re working in the heat. A restaurant, for example, with no A/C or ventilation can quickly become too hot for employees to safely work. It is also very easy for a building to reach 100+ degrees in the summertime, which isn’t safe for anyone.

An HVAC system won’t last forever, but there are several ways you can prevent unexpected breakdowns during the summer that will ruin your business day:

  • Schedule preventative maintenance – Extend the service life of your system with regular preventative repairs. This will prevent performance issues and help you keep track of wear and tear so you know when it’s time to replace your units.
  • Don’t overwork your HVAC system – If your A/C can’t keep up with your temperature setting, turn it up in the summertime so your system can get some rest. In extremely hot and humid climates, it may be unreasonable to keep your building at 68℉ unless it’s absolutely necessary.
  • Replace when your HVAC technician tells you to – It’s better to plan an HVAC replacement than it is to wait until the A/C stops working unexpectedly. If this is the last season your HVAC system will perform at its best, listen to your technician’s recommendation and replace it.

Summertime should be a successful season for you – don’t let HVAC problems get in the way of that. To learn how you can prevent HVAC issues at your facility, contact your local MaintenX team today!

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