The Best Generators for Florida’s Hurricane Season

In Florida, hurricane season falls between July and November, with the most intense storms usually coming through in September and October. During these months, it’s important for businesses to prepare ahead of time to ensure their property and employees are safe. This preparation should include evacuation protocols, plans for safely storing merchandise, and an emergency plan for boarding up the building. You should also include a post-hurricane plan for your business to allow for easier reopening if your business isn’t damaged in the storm. 

When everyone returns from evacuation after a storm, there are four things you should be prepared to face: 

  • A lack of power, cell service, and internet citywide
  • Limited road access due to fallen trees and debris
  • Flooding due to storm surge
  • Exterior building damage including broken windows, roof damage, and other signs of wear and tear from hurricane-force winds

If you want to be back in business soon after returning from evacuation, you should invest in a backup generator to ensure you have power regardless of the grid. Many businesses and neighborhoods will be without power for weeks, but if you are able to open, you can help your community recover much more quickly. 

Typically, we recommend one of the four brands for commercial generator installation: 

  • Generac
  • Commins
  • Briggs & Straton
  • Kubota

Each of these brands has a specialty line of commercial generators, both portable and installed. They are the top-rated generators in the country, and all MaintenX technicians are familiar with maintenance for these brands. We offer generator installation, repairs, and preventative maintenance to ensure that if the lights go out, your generator is ready to go. 

If you are interested in installing a new generator for your business or are in need of repairs before this hurricane season, contact your local MaintenX today for help!

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