Eco-Friendly Landscaping Tips for Your Business

MaintenX strives to offer our clients eco-friendly options for their HVAC, plumbing, roofing, electrical systems, and even landscaping because we know how big a difference it can make for our communities. Even small acts of energy savings can make large-scale impacts on our environment, and even help our client’s bottom line. And, the best part is, that eco-friendly design can be easy to implement for almost any small business. 

How Eco-Friendly Landscaping Benefits Your Business

Eco-friendly landscaping is a priority to many businesses because sustainability is a part of their mission and core values. However, many businesses soon discover that their eco-friendly mission is also good for their bottom line. Sustainable landscaping can help your business: 

  • Save money on water and energy costs
  • Improve curb appeal with easy-to-manage foliage
  • Help your brand become a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified business 
  • Reduce lawn service costs overall with plants that are designed for hardiness in your zone

Eco-friendly landscaping removes traditional assumptions about what is and isn’t needed for commercial lawn care, and makes it easier for you to create a beautiful, sustainable outdoor environment for your business. 

10 Ways to Create Eco-Friendly Landscaping 

These ten changes can make your commercial landscaping eco-friendly and inviting to visitors: 

  • Choose eco-friendly sprinklers and irrigation systems to reduce water consumption
  • Plant pollinator-friendly flowers to help support bee and wildlife populations in your area
  • Choose drought-resistant groundcover over traditional lawn grass to reduce water and herbicide use
  • Purchase organic fertilizers or compost rather than chemical fertilizers to reduce chemical pollution in your landscaping
  • Reduce herbicide and pesticide use with natural alternatives and pest-resistant varieties 
  • Choose native plants that are easy to care for and require less maintenance in your hardiness zone
  • Switch to battery-powered machines for lawncare to reduce fuel consumption
  • Choose sustainable materials for hardscapes such as bamboo and stone rather than plastic or certain hardwoods
  • Use solar or LED lights for outdoor use
  • Design your outdoor space to be used by employees (such as an outdoor lunch area or walking park) to allow them a space to recharge and encourage active lifestyles at work. 

These ten tips can make all the difference when designing your business’s landscaping. For more tips and ideas for sustainable landscaping design, visit our Resource Center.

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