The Best Parts of Working As A Roofer

Roofing is one of the more difficult trades in the maintenance field. Not only is it one of the most physically demanding, but it is one of the most dangerous, especially when working with commercial roofing. However, MaintenX roofers often tell us they wouldn’t trade their jobs for any other because of the satisfaction they experience from this unique line of work. 

If you are interested in becoming a roofer, below are just a few of the reasons why our technicians chose this career path and continue to choose it every day: 

Active lifestyle

Roofers work hard to install and repair commercial roofing for our clients. This job requires a great deal of physical labor, which makes it easy for our technicians to stay in shape. If you’re someone who can’t sit behind a desk, the trades are a good way to stay active and fit throughout your career. 


As an independent contractor, you aren’t just a cog in the machine. You have the freedom to grow your career, work your own hours, and take charge of the work you do. And, if you do so with integrity, you can eventually own your own business and be fully in charge of your career. MaintenX is an excellent stepping stone for those who want to become self-made and learn as much about their craft as possible from experts in the field. 

Recession-proof careers

No matter what the economy looks like, people will still need roofs over their heads. Roofing repair and installation is a recession-proof career that can support your family even in times of need. This is argued as one of the most important benefits of working in the trades. 

Competitive salaries

Roofing is one of the more dangerous trade jobs and is, therefore, higher paid than many other contractor positions. Roofers also do not need to go to college or trade school, which means they can begin their careers without any sort of student debt. 

Making a difference to your customers

When the roof leaks or is damaged by a storm, it can spell disaster for an entire building. As a roofer, you have the power to turn your customer’s day around by providing a simple solution to their massive problem. This is one of the greatest joys of working with MaintenX and one of the reasons our contractors stay with us for so long. 

If you are interested in the benefits of working with MaintenX, visit our Careers page to find roofing positions in your area. 

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